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Monday, January 21, 2013

What I mean to say is...


Yeah, yeah, I know. I suck.

To tell the truth, I was possibly a little put out by the lack of a zombie hoard outside my door on the 21st.

It impeeded my blogging skills for a whole month.

And now the 21st has rolled around again.

I am free to update.

Now here's the hard part.

(You ready for this?)

The hard part is... How to put this?

Oh, no no no. I can't tell you. This is too painful to mention.

Grrr. Fine, annoying voice in my head that tells me that I just can't leave people hanging like this. I shall tell them.

But you know what? I shall do it in a spontaneous way.

#1 Want to know how? Look at number 4.
#2 Mary had a little lamb... It wanted you to look at number 7.
#3 The truth is... I just wanted to say... (Continued on number 8.)
#4 Oh, but it's hard to say. Look at number 9.
#5 Ha! I had you going there... But seriously, look at number 10.
#6 What? You're not finding this amusing? Fine. Look at number 3.
#7 Knock, knock? (Who's there?) Number 6.
#8 HI. ;)
#9 Okay... here goes... Look at number 5.
#10 You really have no idea how hard this is for me. Look at number 2.

Okay. Well, now that that is over, the truth is that I was having a hard time thinking up something to blog about.  But now that is taken care of. So... Miranda out!

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