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Thursday, November 15, 2012

About Teh Fish.


It is me.

You may have noticed the little fish pond to the right of my posts.

(If you haven't, quick scroll down and take a look.)

Now. Two things.

ONE. These fish have names.

The bright blue one is named Joanne.

The reddish one is named Suzanne.

The green one is named Rick.

The yellow one is named Michelle.

And the light blue one is named Simon James Aleksander Ragsdale the Third.

(Just kidding. His name is William. I call him Bill.)

TWO. These are not regular fish. Don't tell anyone, but they are actually Ninja fish. So please, do not feed them by clicking on their pond.

However fun it may be.


(Eh, not really. You can feed them if you want to.)

So yeah. Now you know about teh Fish.

Miranda out.

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