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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lovely Lingo Lesson.

Ollo! (That means hello, greetings.)

This post is about Lingo. (That means slang.)

Some of you may have noticed that I have my own Lingo.

(For those of you who have not noticed, good for you! 10 points to whichever Hogwarts house you are in. Unless you're a Slytherin. Then you get ten points taken away.)

Here is the translation to some of my more common vocabularical mash-ups.

Ollo- Hello.

Peoples- pronounced pe-pulsh. Means people.

Confuzzled- very confused.

Teh- the. As in, "Where is teh llama?"

Scaboon- spoon.

Huffadoodle- darn.

Mirandomness- the name of this blog. Also, something random that Miranda came up with.


I have a challange for you. Pick one of the above words. Start using it in everyday life. See what happens. Report back.

Today's Mirandomness was made possible by the decision of Miranda's parents to join the rest of teh modern world and get Wi-fi.

That is all. Goodbye, Peoples. Miranda Out.

1 comment:

  1. You forgot rainbrella...meaning umbrella(which NEVER made sense to you) handband meaning bandaid and I know there is more but I love your Mirandism words. And I love YOU!