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Monday, November 5, 2012

Hoarding Daylight.

Ollo, peoples!

Today's post is about the Hoarding of Daylight, a.k.a, Daylight Savings time.

It ended yesterday, you know.  If you didn't, then that is why you have been early to all your appointments today.

So yeah. Thanks a lot, Benjamin Franklin.

What's the deal with it anyway?

I mean, where does the extra hour go? It's kind of like regrouping. Someone decided, hey, let's chop off an hour on a day here in spring (causing a day with only 23 hours,) and keep it.

I bet it's like a chocolate bar that someone accidental leaves in the pocket of the jeans that they pack away for the summer. When they finally pull the jeans out again in fall, the chocolate has become malformed.

Arizona and Hawaii have the right idea.

But seriously, where does the hour go? Who takes it? The president? Is there a little drawer in his desk reserved just for the extra hour?  Does it spilt for New Zealand when nobody is looking? And why does it always come back? (Causing a day with 25 hours?)

The whole business is highly irritating.

Miranda out.

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  1. Hmmm... All I can say is it stinks! and I think we should have the daylight savings time ALL the time and the real time none of the time! That is my vote. And I fed your fishy A LOT!!! Why aren't they fat? Love you! Love, Auntie XOXO